Vincent Jaubin

Hi, I am Vincent,
a UX/UI & Front End Developer.

I am passionate about making the web user friendly and accessible.

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About Me

Vincent Jaubin

As a new media professional with over 20 years of experience, I have developed a thorough understanding for the processes of web development.

During my years in the Internet industry, I spent much of my time honing my creative and technical skills by serving the online needs of some of the largest companies in the United States.

My experience in developing efficient user interface has been an integral part of differentiating my client websites from their competition in the marketplace. My duties encompassed the development of user interface and web standard compliant websites. I also acted as lead Front End developer on many corporate communications projects, and was integral in the design and execution of highly effective multi-media sales presentations.

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My Skills



Creative Direction


Responsive Development



My Work

Carrington Mortgage Holdings mobile payment app


The Carrington mobile app aims at taking the online payment experience and translate it into a minified version.


To make it easier for borrowers to pay their mortgage.

My role

I come is as the UI/UX resource to simplify the online payment experience and translate it into a simplified mobile version.


This project is still in development but you can see the Adobe XD prototype.


Redesign Vylla homepage


Vylla offers one place for finding, financing and own a home. It thrives to ensure that the path to homeownership is simple and seamless for everyone.


One of the challenges of Vylla's homepage is to feature three main calls to action without them competing with each other.

Visitors should clearly see how to search for a home, get a loan and shop for homes by monthly payment without being overwhelmed.

My role

I prototyped severals versions and tested within our group. I listened to feedbacks to adjust the call to actions to come up with the final version.


After several itirations, this is the result. The new landing page offers a brighter look and hierarchy of the call to actions that are not conflicting with each others.


Banc of California


Banc of California is a midsize bank focused exclusively on California.


Design an intuitive way for current and potential customers to visit the website and find the information they need.

My role

I was tasked to revamp the Banc of California corporate site from the ground up. We focussed on the visitor's experience with the mobile first approach mentality.

One of the main improvement is to make the site fully responsive on tablet and mobile devices. Being responsive also allows the site to perform better on Google ranking since they penalize websites that are not.


Here are the improvements I made to the website:

  • Made the webiste responsive
  • Add a Content Management System
  • Fix ADA accessibility errors
  • Improve SEO by leveraging Schema

Landing pages

I helped design and develop several landing pages for campaigns pertaining to the bank.

Banc Home Loans

Loan Application

The old loan application used an iframe and the user experience had many issues. I redesigned it to make the lenghty steps as smooth as possible. It is also responsive.


At its core, every UX process should consist of the following key phases which I follow with each of my project:

  1. Stategy - This is the phase when I try to answer the What and How questions.
  2. Research - In this phase I review the competing websites and apps.
  3. Analysis - The aim of the Analysis phase is to draw insights from data collected during the Research phase.
  4. Design - This is when I start prototyping
  5. Production - Once the protoype is finalized, I start the high fidelity design.

Case Study

Banc of California Community Development.

From Wireframe to Development

My Experience


    Senior UI/UX Front End Developer 05-2017 to Present

    Lead UI/UX development. I create a user-centric experience to customers across a multitude of industry and devices for our servicing and lending platform. I deliver and manage user interface design, visualizations, and information architecture utilizing modern tools like Adobe XD.

    I consult and collaborate with marketing and IT on best practices for large CMS implementation specific to users and their personalized experiences.

    I manage and execute the implementation of American Disability Act (ADA) compliant websites.

  • Banc of California

    Lead Front-End User Experience Developer 07-2015 - May 2017

    In addition to my role as a front end developer, I am also taking on the role of User Experience Lead.

    As a UX developer, I define the information architecture and interaction patterns for our web presence across desktop, mobile and tablet.

    I work closely with the marketing director and designers to ensure the branding is consistent throughout all the digital deliverables.

    I was a key member of the application development team tasked to bring the corporate website in-house while rewriting it from PHP to .NET.

    I am responsible for making our corporate site responsive using SASS and media-queries. Among the many improvements, is to boost SEO and to add a CMS allowing publishing of time sensitive materials.

    I work closely with the marketing team, helping prototyping, designing and implementing landing pages and email newsletters to promote new products.

    I am involved in designing and setting up Internal SharePoint sites for the bank various web entities.


    Senior Web Developer 01-2012 to 07-2015

    Responsible for the front-end architecture and design of Carrington’s internal applications and public facing web entities. I was also admin and in charge of setting up Google Analytics and SEO best practices.

    While there, I led development on a variety of client sites, creating template, prototypes and style guides. I worked closely with .NET developers and insure proper implementation of the application design

  • Corelogic

    Web Developer Technical Architect 03-2009 to 01-2012

    Built mobile version of corporate websites using media query and CSS, keeping the same markup, hence facilitating updates and maintenance.

    Key member in migrating 700+ pages corporate website from one CMS into another while re-architecting the CSS to allow consistency between WYSIWYG and production.


    Senior Web Designer / Web Developer 01-2009 to 03-2009

    I joined Fox to redesign and develop the front-end portion of their internal expense report application. Several Jquery plugins were added to enhance user interaction with the report systems.


    Senior Front End Developer 09-2007 to 10-2008

    As part of the Rich Media Group, I was involved in developing clean, semantically sound solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota, Chevron and Epson.


    Senior CSS Developer 02-2006 to 09-2007

    I was responsible for structuring the HTML/CSS for the newly developed corporate site. I was also tasked to provide ongoing support for the First American family of sites.


    Senior Web Designer 07-2004 to 04-2006

    I supervised the design team in developing online identity and websites for Oemtec’s family of software.

    I collaborated with the marketing department in increasing the performance of ad campaigns.

    Responsible for all aspects of project development, from software user interface, to packaging and online branding.


Over the last five years I have worked with Vincent at two separate companies and on numerous web development projects. He is an invaluable asset to my team and I cannot imagine working on a web development project without him as a key resource. Before we hired Vincent, we were a team that developed extremely functional but not very sexy applications and websites. Since we were lucky enough to bring Vincent on board five years ago, all that has changed. He is an expert a delivering sites that are beautiful, usable, responsive, mobile-friendly, and most of all pleasing to his customers. Vincent is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly pushing himself to learn new technologies and techniques to add to his toolbox. Anytime he is asked to take on a new challenge, he responds with a “can do”/”no problem” attitude, even if it is something that is unfamiliar to him. I look forward to working with Vincent on future projects.

Hilary Kisting

VP Application Development Information Systems

There was never a development challenge Vincent couldn’t solve and in my career working with designers and developers, his ability to connect design, UX and development together is a skill I haven’t seen anyone else master as well as he has.

Brandon tarnow

Director, Digital Marketing & Brand Communications

I had a pleasure of having Vincent in my team for slightly more than a year. He combines a passion for technology and design with great work ethic. Vincent’s contributions transformed Carrington’s websites and significantly improved their usability. He has a talent for absorbing the (often conflicting) requirements and generating a visually appealing design, then converting it to a working web page. I have no doubts that Vincent will be a great asset to any Application Development organization.

Riyad Mammadov

VP of Application Development at XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

Vincent is “Mr. Detail Oriented”. I originally hired him back in the late 90's to work on interface design. Since that time he's picked up wicked coding skills and can create pixel perfect screens that look great on desktop and mobile. He's a fast worker and great communicator.

Richard Parr

CEO & Creative Director at Executionists

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